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About Us

Who are we?

your eats® is a trading name of Brand Power 247 Limited and came about because two guys from Shropshire who set up and run Brand Power 247 deal with a lot of hospitality based businesses and have got to know a lot about just how the industry works and the things that could be done better. Already trying to make the hotel booking side of hospitality better and cheaper for both the hoteliers and consumers they quickly realised there was a similar issue going on with the food ordering and delivery industry. There are just a few big names providing these services so not a lot of options for the restaurant owners which in turn means there isn't much they can do to get a fairer deal. The average commission rate in the industry is a whopping 30%. Uber Eats and Deliveroo both charge 30% at their standard rates. Just Eat charge 14% commission and a monthly subscription fee that on average equates to a cost of around 20% each month. Unless you are the owner of a huge corporation the chances of negotiating a lower rate with any of these companies is pretty much none existent too.

So we decided to start your eats® a new food ordering and delivery platform with no upfront costs to join, no monthly subscription fee and the industries lowest commission rate by far. We want our system to be the simplest to use whether you are a customer ordering your dinner, a restaurant owner looking to provide a new way for your customers to order or a driver looking to make extra money by delivering food. We also want to be the best value for everyone. We offer restaurants the chance to join our service with no upfront cost at all. Just Eat for example charge around £700 plus VAT for their terminal to take the orders received through Just Eat's website and Apps.  Our apps can run on your existing Android or Apple phones, tablets or you can use the admin website on any computer. If you want separate hardware to use for the your eats® platform then we can provide this at a much lower price than our competitors and with everything already set up for you but that is completely optional and not something we force you to take. Everyone will have a suitable device to run our system on already so we don't see any need to push expensive hardware on to you.

The Benefits

For Customers

The your eats® platform whether you are using our website or one of our android or iOS apps is easy to use and provides al the information you need to decide on what to order. You can choose to pay by debit or credit card online or pay cash on delivery to your driver. We give the restaurants the opportunity to provide images and information on all their food and drink so that you can see exactly what you will be getting. Because we charge the lowest rates in the industry to the restaurants on our platform this also means you will find places to order from on here that you wouldn't find on our competitors sites and apps because many smaller establishments just cannot afford the high costs they are charged upfront and then monthly by the well known food ordering platforms. It also means that the prices you pay ordering through your eats® are not going to be higher than you would pay in person as the restaurants don't need to increase prices to cover the cost of being on the platform.  We monitor the feedback from customers regarding each restaurant and if we find anywhere is consistently failing to live up to a customers expectations then we would remove them from the platform if they failed to improve. Our delivery fee is a simple good value for money flat rate no matter where you choose to order from and where you are having your food delivered too.

For Restaurants  

We offer you top  specification software that we had developed especially for us at the industries lost rates. We don't charge any upfront fees at all and we don't force you to take any hardware from us. You can run all our apps on existing Android or Apple phones and tablets and our admin panel will run on any PC or Mac computer. We also offer a commission FREE trial period which means you can join the your eats® platform and try it out without any cost or financial risk at all. We are committed to having a long term partnership with all the businesses on our platform and will work with you to make sure you are getting the most our of the platform. We also guarantee that even if our commission rates rise at a later date we will not increase your rate in the first 12 months you are with us. 

For Drivers

You can deliver for your eats® on your own schedule. You are self employed and totally your own boss. When you want to drive you just login to the app on your iPhone or android phone and accept the orders that you want to accept. You are under no obligation to accept every order and there is no set shift you have to work too. We don't take a commission from the delivery fee. If the customer pays for their order by Debit or Credit Card then 3.5% is deducted to cover the process fee paid to the card processing company but you get the rest of the money and on cash on delivery jobs nothing is deducted and you receive the full amount. You also get to keep 100% of any tips received.